The Origins

The story begins in Sorrento, where the great grandfather Luigi used to live.

Each year, during the month of September, he holed up in the back shack to produce his own herbal

The ingredients that made up the basis of the recipe were simple: branches of rosemary and rinds of freshly picked lemon made up the body; the first one with notes of pine and flowers, the second one with a fresh and unique character. And finally, a secret blend of coastal herbs.

Many years later Daniel, Luigi’s great-grandson, has decided to honor the ancient family recipe by creating “FRAGRANTE Amaro Insolito®”. He wants to relive those moments and make Luigi and his own amaro known to people who have not yet had the pleasure. 

The shack at the back is no longer there, and those that were the pots where he left the herbs to macerate are now large steel vats. The recovery bottle
has been transformed into a design bottle.
The taste, however, is basically the same.


FRAGRANTE Amaro Insolito® is a liqueur made with the best 100% natural ingredients and does not have acidity correctors and added chemical preservatives.

It comes in a glass bottle made up of 40% recycled and 100% recyclable material. The label is in “fiber look” paper that recalls vegetable fiber. The brown glass, in addition to protecting the contents from light, recalls the ancient bottles of pharmacies, in which the elixirs were sold for healing purposes.

The main botanicals are Rosemary, Lemon peel, Green Cardamom and Gentian; the taste is therefore very fresh, herbaceous, fragrant and balsamic, with a very delicate but persistent bitter kick, that does neither invade nor dominate the other flavors.

Excellent to drink on any occasion, both as an aperitif and mixed in cocktails.

Infact, the versatility of this bitter is the real spearhead: its unique taste and its moderate alcohol content (21% ABV – 42 PROOF) make it appreciable by anyone and particularly suitable for mixing; allowing users to find the right balance between the sweetening and the bittering part in a cocktail.

Fragrante is exceptional as an “aperitif ”: if mixed with a good tonic water, you will get a perfect and… Fragrant cocktail!

Like any other herbal liquor and as the Italian tradition wants, however, it can be even served chilled after an important meal, as a digestive.